The 12th Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition Series (AVTC12)

The Next AVTC

As the administrator of this four-year competition series, Argonne is releasing a Request for Proposal to select up to 16 North American universities with accredited engineering programs to participate in AVTC12. Selected university teams will explore innovative Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies and implement advanced propulsion systems to maximize vehicle efficiency using a 2018 production, mid-size SUV as a platform. Each team will design and engineer a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) vehicle that will meet their own customer market specifications and then go head-to-head against other teams at an end-of-year competition.

AVTC12 will continue to place a strong emphasis on the hands-on experience students gain by selecting their own advanced propulsion system components, integrating them into their vehicle and then testing the vehicle to ensure it meets requirements. From these integration activities, students gain in-depth experience on how engines, transmissions, electric machines, batteries and other hybrid technologies work. This propulsion system knowledge is critical to students designing a well-rounded, reliable vehicle that supports the objectives of AVTC12.

How to Get Involved
Participation in AVTC12 will be determined through an RFP process and the organizers anticipate selecting up to 16 university teams. Universities wishing to be considered for participation in the competition must complete both a modeling exercise to demonstrate technical competency, and an administrative proposal that demonstrates high levels of administrative support from their schools.

The proposal acceptance period has now ended. For more information on future competitions, please contact us HERE.