Engineers Day at UTK

For over 100 years the University of Tennessee-Knoxville has been hosting Engineers Day on campus. As classes let out, various organizations and faculty hit the engineering quad to engage with high school students from around the local community area who are interested in attending UTK once they graduate.

The most exciting aspect of Engineers Day is the chance to engage and connect with aspiring engineering students. EcoCAR team leads stepped out wearing their orange EcoCAR polos with UTK pride. Team leads were joined by senior design students and volunteers who set up a video demonstration of the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer, discussed AVTCs and how students can get involved.  They also discussed specific team roles and showcased the magnitude and variety of work and expertise we all put into the vehicle.

“Engineer’s day is important for the future of our team for two key reasons,” said J.P. Nelms, UTK EcoCAR Project Manager. “First, it has the potential to get students that are interested in vehicle technology and UTK interested in our program. We’ve had several students join the team who first heard about EcoCAR at Engineer’s Day. Secondly, it is a great opportunity for the team as we get a fresh lens on the work we are doing through discussing it with people unfamiliar with the project. This reaffirms the work we are doing and just how great of an experience being a part of EcoCAR is. Engineer’s Day also serves as a refreshing look back at why we studied engineering in the first place and our paths from that point. Helping with Engineer’s Day is great for the team and every team member that participates,” he added.

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