A Clean Shop Is a Dream Shop

The Rose-Hulman Advanced Powertrain Engineering Squad (APES) recently moved into a new home at their campus’s Student Innovation Center.  The facility was opened during Rose-Hulman’s Homecoming weekend at the end of September and team members have since spent hours streamlining the tools and materials used in their shop. Working in a clean shop is of utmost importance to the Rose-Hulman APES, since it is the area where the team spends the majority of its time. The shop is a place for work, sweat, and the building of future dreams. The team takes the motto, “A Clean Shop Is a Dream Shop,” to heart in the EcoCAR 2 pit area.

What are the main reasons to keep a clean shop? According to team leader Jon Nibert, “a clean shop is a sign of good stewardship, a concerted effort to make the area as clean as possible shows care for the work being done.”  The team agreed that safety was the number one factor. To reinforce this, safety glasses were made readily available upon entering the EcoCAR 2 pit area.

A clean shop also makes it easy to find tools, which helps the team run efficiently.  “A clean shop leads to a stress-free work area as well,” said John Martin, a junior member of the EcoCAR 2 team. The team plans to keep the shop as spotless as possible throughout the season, in order to keep the work flow going and keep the concentration where it’s needed: Building a fantastic vehicle for EcoCAR 2!

EcoCAR 2 organizers look forward to checking out Rose-Hulman’s clean new shop at their EcoCAR Facility Inspection this March.