A High Tech Solution for UWAFT’s High Voltage

UWAFT_Technical Blog_High Voltage_Image1

High voltage work can be dangerous if adequate safety training and precautions are not followed. In order to comply with the competition rules for compliant facilities, UWAFT elected to construct a custom modular high voltage enclosure.
UWAFT_Technical Blog_High Voltage_Image2The enclosure was designed to provide a controlled area in which the team can safely perform high-voltage work without posing a hazard to surrounding personnel. A modular enclosure was chosen to allow for movement between various student teams as required.

The enclosure acts a barrier between people who have the necessary training and those who do not. This prevents unnecessary exposure to high voltage for people who lack the proper training.
The enclosure was built so it can be contained within the team’s bay. The use of lightweight materials and ease of constructability enables the entire enclosure to be built by three people in less than a week.

The enclosure allows for existing sprinklers to operate due to its open-top design. UWAFT_Technical Blog_High Voltage_Image3The transparent polycarbonate panels are used for viewing and light distribution. The operable doors permit controlled access. Large, bi-fold doors on the side of the bay garage allow for easy insertion and removal of large items and a sliding door allows access and egress for trained personnel.

Overall, the project has been a great success and other teams are excited at the prospect of incorporating the enclosure in to their bays at the end of the EcoCar3 high voltage work.