A Video Progress Report from the MSU EcoCAR Team

Time has flown by! The Mississippi State EcoCAR team is finding it hard to believe that their vehicle ships to competition in less than three weeks. The team is making serious progress, but the evidence of the progress changes every day.

On any given day in the last month, the vehicle could be assembled and driving around the team’s parking lot in the morning, and that afternoon it could be six feet off the ground – no engine, no motors, no wheels, no axles, no seats, no dash -basically a shell of a vehicle with hundreds of electrical wires exposed. The MSU team has two team members that are becoming experts at installing and removing a 1.3L diesel from their EcoCAR.

Despite minor set-backs, the team has met several goals in the last few weeks. The battery pack is installed and meets clearance, fuel, brake, coolant, and HV lines have been routed safely and to code, and additional communication has been added and validated between the Mototron and dSPACE controllers.

This past weekend, the team’s engine finally arrived and is up and running! The students made great progress with the engine and are excited to load their vehicle on the transporter and send it to Yuma!

Check out the video below for an update from the team from inside their garage!