Alternative Energy Teams Unite to Spread the Word

As their quest for alternatively energized cars continues, multiple high school and college alternative energy teams unite in the commuter parking lot of Texas Tech University.

A very cool Solar Car Challenge vehicle

During the trek from Dallas, Texas, to Boulder, Colorado, the Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge team stopped at Texas Tech University to demonstrate how their vehicles utilized the relentless energy of the west Texas sun to power their way along the road. At the event, the Texas Tech EcoCAR team members shared their knowledge about alternative fuels with the public and the solar car teams.

Although the sun is a great energy source, the task of efficiently collecting that energy remains difficult. For now, the reality is that the most viable energy source for vehicle transportation is still liquid-based fuels. As stated by a representative from the Choctaw Central High School Team, “The max speed recorded (for the solar cars) is 60 mph… while the average is only around 50.” This leads us to conclude that even though the solar car program is rapidly developing, challenges like EcoCAR are necessary to speed up the process of making vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally clean.

Soaking up the sun!