Alumni Involvement

Alumni Involvement

Are you an alumnus or alumna from a previous DOE Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC) series?  Please consider keeping in touch with us. Getting involved in even a simple way with AVTCs is a reminder of the value, depth, and quality that you experienced as part of competitions. The following examples are some ways that alumni can engage with the current AVTC series.

Volunteer at an AVTC event

Competitions are multi-dimensional and rely on a vast network of organizers, sponsors, and volunteers. In the past, alumni have helped by volunteering at competition and workshop events to support the competition organizers. This includes anything from running a static event presentation or picking up cones at the Autocross Event!  Volunteering is a way to be a part of the excitement and energy of the competition, whether you have a few days or a few hours. For location and dates of upcoming volunteer opportunities, visit the upcoming events section on the homepage of the website.


AVTCs bring education and training to the next generation of automotive engineers, but we can’t do it without sponsors. Not only do sponsors gain high-profile visibility and a chance to demonstrate their products and services, but they also have the opportunity to recruit from hundreds of North America’s top graduates in the field of engineering, business and communication. For more information on how your company or organization could benefit from sponsorship, please contact Kristen Wahl at

Help build a network of alumni

Help us stay connected with other AVTC alumni. If you are in contact with others who have been involved in past AVTCs, send them this link!

Tell us your story

If you are an alumni of any past AVTC team, we’d love to hear your story and possibly share it on our blog. We want to learn how your AVTC experience is allowing you to make a mark in the industry. So let us know what you’re up to and how AVTCs helped guide you on the path there. Send us an email at and we’ll contact you to get your story.

Be a champion for your AVTC alma mater

Are you an alumni from a team that is participating in the current AVTC series? Cheer them on or volunteer as a team mentor! The list of ways to get involved and show your support is endless. Sign up for their newsletter, follow them on social media, lend your expertise, or assist them in finding local sponsors. Please see the list of current EcoCAR Mobility Challenge teams to see if your alma mater is involved.

Help us spread the word

Tell everyone about AVTCs and the great accomplishments the students are making. Whether it is sending AVTC news to your colleagues, or featuring an AVTC article or update on your website or social media – you can play an important role in promoting AVTCs. Sign up to receive AVTC news here. And make sure to follow us on the following social media platforms: