And the MathWorks Modeling Award goes to…

Congratulations are in order! The Ohio State University and University of Victoria teams have won the MathWorks Modeling Award, which recognizes the teams’ use of MATLAB and Simulink for Model-Based Design during the first year of the EcoCAR 2 competition. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University also deserves praise for achieving third place.

The OSU team “really pushed the design envelope,” says Paul Smith, director of consulting services at MathWorks and lead EcoCAR 2 MathWorks mentor. “Their presenters could have easily been mistaken as seasoned veterans from the automotive industry,” he added in his praise of the OSU team’s work.

UVic performed extensive custom physical remodeling to develop fast running component models that can be integrated into the HIL real-time simulations as part of their Model-Based Design workflow. Smith notes that “The team has done impressive research into both off-line and on-line control and drive cycle optimization to recognize actual and predicted driving patterns.”

Embry Riddle received third place recognition for the team’s use of SimDriveline to develop fast and accurate system models that can be used for design tradeoff studies or real-time implementation. Their use of MATLAB and Simulink with Real-Time Workshop helped the team develop their vehicle fault detection, engine-generator controls, and diesel emission controls.

See how several EcoCAR 2 teams, including the winners of the MathWorks Modeling Award, are using Model-Based Design in this series of videos.