Announcing a New Sustaining Competition-Level Sponsor: HORIBA

We are pleased to announce that HORBIA has joined EcoCAR  3 as a new sustaining-level competition sponsor.

Competition sponsors are essential to the efforts of the EcoCAR 3 teams throughout the competition. Our sponsors provide support in a variety of ways.  HORIBA will be supporting our Emissions & Energy Consumption event at the Year 4 competition. They will be supplying their portable emissions units and other equipment, as well as on-site personnel to set up and run the equipment at the General Motors Desert Proving Ground.

HORIBA is the long-standing global leader in motor exhaust gas analysis and the first choice for testing and development of chassis, powertrain, transmission, and drive-line systems. Improving efficiency and the overall driving experience for gasoline, diesel, electrified mobility, and alternative fuel systems is the goal of the company’s network of creative engineers, software developers, and in-house specialists. Through the acquisition of MIRA in 2015, HORIBA enfolded 500 additional engineers and technicians with a depth of autonomous, connected vehicle, and battery expertise.

HORIBA was founded 65 years ago and has kept its core focus on analysis, testing, and solid engineering. In the early 70s it applied the same analyzers used to test expired human breath/lung health to vehicle tail pipes during the California smog crisis. As a result, it pioneered the motor exhaust gas analysis industry. The company now has business segments in medical, scientific, process & environment, and semi-conductor in addition to automotive.

HORIBA is proud to support EcoCAR, the college teams, and the spirit of innovation.