Announcing New Applied Automotive Engineering Curriculum Project

Earlier this academic year, Connie Bezanson, Education and Outreach Manager for the Vehicle Technologies Program for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), announced a new initiative: the Applied Automotive Engineering (AAE) Curriculum Project.

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Under this new project, which is funded by DOE, EcoCAR 2 faculty advisors were offered a chance to develop self-paced, slide-based learning modules focused on practical automotive engineering topics. Upon completion, this material will be offered to current and future AVTC students to help ease the enormous learning curve they face when joining an EcoCAR team.

As of today, twelve faculty advisors have signed up for the project and received the distinguished title of DOE Applied Automotive Engineering Fellow!

The topics that the faculty advisors are working on are:

  • Dr. David Blekhman, Cal State-LA – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Dr. Thomas Bradley, Colorado State University  – Well-To-Wheel Environmental Impact of Vehicle Operation
  • Dr. Patrick Currier, Embry-Riddle – Working on Cars 101
  • Dr. G. Marshall Molen, Mississippi State University – High Voltage Safety and Automotive Systems
  • Dr. Ewan Pritchard, North Carolina State University – Introduction to Electric Motor Systems
  • Gary Neal, Penn State  – Automotive ECUs, Networks and Serial Communication
  • Dr. Brian F Fabien, University of Washington – Intro to Closed-Loop Modeling and Simulation, SIL, and HIL
  • Dr. Doug Nelson, Virginia Tech- Automotive Electrical Systems, Wire Sizing and Fusing
  • Dr. Jerry Ku, Wayne State – Introduction to Vehicle Powertrain Modeling for Energy Consumption
  • Dr. Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Ohio State – Internal Combustion Engines from a Vehicle Systems Perspective
  • Dr. Zuomin Dong, University of Victoria – Literature Review in Advanced Technology Vehicles
  • Dr. Roydon Fraser, University of Waterloo- Automotive 101 – Introduction to Vehicles and Subsystems

The learning modules, which will be made available in Fall 2014, will provide incoming students a broad background in applied automotive engineering which they can relate directly to their work on competitions. We are thrilled to provide this funding and recognition to the faculty advisors for the hard work they put into their teams year after year!