Announcing the MathWorks Modeling Award for Year Two Competition

MathWorks is proud to announce the MathWorks Modeling Award for Year Two of EcoCAR 2!  The award will be structured to provide a cash prize to the team that best applies MathWorks tools in support of the Year Two competition deliverables.

The teams must demonstrate how they have applied the core concepts of model-based design with MathWorks tools to help achieve the overall competition objectives. They must also show the judges models that address plant modeling, control design and tuning, data analysis, industrial grade model-based design development process elements and lessons learned.

The award will be judged based on a 25-35 minute walk-through of the teams’ MATLAB/Simulink models and a follow-up Q&A session. There will be no PowerPoint slides required or allowed in this event.

Teams can find the official event operations description for the MathWorks Modeling Award on the EcoCAR 2 SharePoint. The deadline to apply for the award is May 9, 2013, with presentations occurring on May 22, 2013 at the Westin Gaslamp in San Diego, California. Teams are encouraged to reach out to their MathWorks mentors with any questions.