Announcing the Year Three Fall Workshop

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Year Three is officially here for EcoCAR 3 students! From September 28th – October 1st, each of the 16 schools from across North America will gather in Natick, Massachusetts for the Fall Workshop, hosted by Mathworks. Throughout this four day workshop, the teams will learn more about the Year Three competition rules, deliverables, and other EcoCAR 3 events occurring through the year. The teams will also receive extensive training provided to them by numerous competition-level sponsors.

In addition to the widespread technical training, Communications Managers and Project Managers will each follow a content specific track where they will learn more about their deliverables throughout the year and different ways to enhance their specific focus areas. The Communications Managers will receive social media training, as well as media training and Project Managers will focus primarily on leadership training and execution plan development.

We look forward to seeing the 16 teams, sponsors and organizers at the Year Three Fall Workshop!