Announcing The Year Two Competition

year two competition announcement

Teams have been working hard on their vehicles since receiving them this year, and in May they will be putting their work to the test with the Year 2 competition, held in Yuma, AZ and San Diego, CA!

Competition will be held from May 16-26, 2016 and starts at the General Motors Proving Grounds in Yuma, where students will show the first stages of their newly-integrated vehicles. Judged events include demonstration of overall vehicle safety on-road vehicle safety, energy consumption, and other dynamic events. Year 2 competition brings much excitement, as it presents the first opportunity for many teams to showcase their vehicle powertrains integrated and operational.

The teams move on to San Diego, where they will present to a panel of judges in areas of consumer appeal, systems safety, innovation , and the project management and communications aspects of the team. San Diego, known for fostering technology and innovation, is the second largest city in California. While there, students will take some time from their presentations to visit local K-12 students and teach them about alternative energy and advanced vehicle technologies. At the end of the competition, awards will be presented in all judged categories.

To watch how the teams prepare for competition, make sure to follow along on the blog.