Argonne’s Don Hillebrand Featured on Cars of Change

The Director of the Center for Transportation Research at Argonne, Don Hillebrand, recently wrote a feature article for the the green auto blog Cars of Change. His excellent piece, entitled “Meeting the Natural Gas Vehicle Challenge,” addresses the current opportunity in the US for autos fueled by natural gas. With the enormous increases in domestic gas production over the last several years, Don argues, the time is now to develop infrastructure and vehicles that will allow this cleaner fuel to flourish.

One solution he suggests is the use of “bi-fuel natural gas/gasoline vehicles.” Like the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles EcoCAR 2 teams are developing, this hybrid model eases the transition from gasoline into a more advantageous fueling method, allowing consumers to adopt new technologies without dramatically changing their daily lives.

EcoCAR 2 echoes Don’s thoughts around vehicle innovation. The EcoCAR 2 competition – and the auto industry as a whole – must strive to embrace innovation in all areas, while constantly keeping the needs of the consumer in mind.

Check out Don’s full article here!