Auto Consumers catch a Glimpse of the Future at Missouri S&T

The Missouri S&T EcoCAR E-Cubed Commons was swarming with consumers on the afternoon of the Outreach Team’s consumer campaign to educate the public about EcoCAR: The Next Challenge and electric vehicles.

Attendees at the event were able to see a sustainable hydrogen station and state-of-the-art wind and solar energy technology, as well as S&T’s EcoCAR. The vehicle was on display all afternoon and outreach members were on hand to talk about the benefits of alternative-fueled cars. The EcoCAR was fit with a window sticker outlining its features, similar to those in new car lots.  A Chevrolet Cruze from was also on display as one of General Motors’ currently available eco-friendly vehicles.

After everyone had a chance to tour the facilities, the Outreach Team welcomed Kevin Herdler, Executive Director for Clean Cities St. Louis, to the garage for a presentation on alternative fuels and Clean Cities’ programs. After Mr. Herdler finished his presentation the floor was opened to discussion and questions.

Kevin Herdler of Clean Cities St. Louis speaks to the attendees

The Missouri S&T EcoCAR Outreach Team would like the thank all those in attendance, Kevin Herdler from Clean Cities St. Louis, and Fairgrounds Chevrolet for making the consumer campaign a great success.