Behind the Scenes of the OSU EcoCAR 3 Team

Ohio State University EcoCAR team leaders are often the ones at the competitions, being interviewed by media and generally receive the most recognition. But early on a Saturday morning, more than just team leaders can be found hard at work in the student projects bay of the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State. From older, dedicated members to newly-joined freshmen, there are many students who have a hand in transforming our Camaro into a hybrid vehicle.

Without the hard work and commitment from our members, our team would not be as strong, innovative or successful. Meet some of the members behind the scenes:


Name: Alex Spohr

Year: Second

Major: Finance

Team: Project Management

Why did you join EcoCAR? My roommate told me about EcoCAR and I thought it sounded like a cool opportunity. I originally joined the electrical team because I am interested in that area, however, I switched to project management because it is more relevant to my major.

What is your favorite part or why have you stayed involved in EcoCAR? I’ve really enjoyed learning about the safety aspects of the car and keeping track of the team’s finances. I like being able to take what I learned in class and apply it to something applicable.



Name: Kerri Loyd

Year: First

Major: Electrical Engineering

Team: Electrical

Why did you join EcoCAR: I wanted to get hands-on experience, especially in the automotive industry. I wanted to get a feel for it and see if I like it.

What is your favorite part or why have you stayed involved in EcoCAR? I like being involved in something and working with the rest of the team. It’s a fun project to work on.


EC3Y2_OSU_ItTakesATeamToBuildACar_Image3Name: Kristina Kuwabara

Year: Second

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Team: Mechanical

Why did you join EcoCAR? Last year I wanted to be involved in something, and this is something I really liked and wanted to continue to be involved in. It’s great to be part of something related to what I want to do after graduation.

What is your favorite part or why have you stayed involved in EcoCAR? I love the hands-on learning and testing each piece. I also can’t wait to see it all come together.


EC3Y2_OSU_ItTakesATeamToBuildACar_Image4Name: Zach Sroka

Year: Third

Major: Materials Science & Engineering

Team: Mechanical

Why did you join EcoCAR: I’m really into cars, especially companies that are working on hybrid vehicles. This is a more comprehensive project, and it provides an opportunity for me to work with something I already love.

What is your favorite part or why have you stayed involved in EcoCAR? The atmosphere is great to work in and we have a great team. I like being in the garage and learning more about the vehicle and how to do everything.



We could not complete this project without the help of our entire team. So here is a shout-out to all of our team members, a small amount of recognition for the huge contribution they make.