Boo! Its the RADPack

By the North Carolina State EcoCAR 2 Team

It’s been a really busy time for us here at the NCSU Responsible Automotive Design Pack (the RADPack) since we got back from Pontiac, Michigan with a lot of recruiting and planning work still to do! We kicked off our year with a super fun Halloween themed event which was held by the Sustainability Office on October 28.

We had three fun activities planned for our stall (we ended up occupying two stalls with all the stuff we brought). Our sponsor for Halloween was a cute little green ecomonster named BRAD (his name was a combination of Boo! and RADPack). Visitors to the stall stood to win a travel mug if they drew him with their eyes covered. The drawings turned out to be scarier than BRAD himself!

Dee tells the little Hulk that he could definitely beat BRAD up in a fight

The Outreach Coordinator Lead for NCSU, Dee, posed as a psychic tarot card reader and told people how green their futures were going to be. According to her prediction, everyone was going to practice sustainable living or BRAD would come get them when they slept (scary stuff!).

At the event, we gave out little onion bulbs (which grow well in the winter) in a cup made from compostable recycled matter. The cups were branded with the RADPack sticker which is printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks.

It was a great event: About 75 people turned up at our stall even though it was absolutely freezing outside. At the end, Anne Purcell, one of our Outreach volunteers even won a prize for best recycled costume for her ring leader outfit!

Volunteers John-Paul and Claire pose in front of our stall while ring leader Annie talks to a CFL bulb