Breakfast with MSU’s EcoDawgs

Byline: Casey McGee

Mississippi State University alumni and friends have been a major supporting factor in the school’s history in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions, and that is no different in EcoCAR 3. 

Last week, team leads Wesley Haney, Stephen Hayes, and Casey McGee joined the MSU Oktibbeha County Alumni Chapter at Starkville Café for Breakfast with the Bulldogs. Waffles, duck butter, and EcoCAR 3 made for a fun morning as the team leads talked with alumni about the current project that is taking place here at Mississippi State. 

Breakfast with Ecodawgs 1

Our local alumni quickly jumped on board the excitement that is EcoCAR 3, and they are excited to see the team advance as we receive the stock Chevrolet Camaro later in the competition. Until then, the vehicle from the first EcoCAR competition was on display for viewing at Starkville Café.  

Breakfast with Ecodawgs 2

We are proud of our history and success that we have to show off, but even more exciting is what the future holds with EcoCAR 3. As we continue in this competition, we are thankful for the support that is so clearly displayed among our alumni and community. The passion that rings true at Mississippi State University is the driving force behind the effort that goes into EcoCAR 3.