CA Air Resources Board & British Council Launch Climate Generation Program Competition

An innovative new project called the Climate Generation Program is bringing even more hope for a greener future for our youth. The competition will ultimately target high school students in more than 60 countries but initially be piloted in California and Minnesota this year.

Not only does the Climate Generation Program seek to educate our country’s students on climate change, it presents them with the test of connecting their environmental school work to their everyday lives. By aspiring to connect all subjects of a high school education with real-life application, the competition aims to inspire students to make a difference in our earth’s future environment and climate.

“We believe the initiative will propel students to become tomorrow’s leaders on climate change, green technology, and any number of other environmental issues,” said Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency Linda Adams.

The British Council has paired with the California Air Resources Board, an EcoCAR competition sponsor, to make this project possible. “We feel that the climate action projects will complement California’s new Education and the Environment Initiative standards-based curriculum.  We are looking forward to continuing to develop new ‘Climate Champions’ who can represent the youth voice on global climate issues at the local, regional, national and international levels,” West Coast Manager for the British Council, Meghan Steed said.

It’s both interesting and inspiring to see the many ways that organizations and groups of people are becoming educated on the climate issues throughout the world, while progressively fighting for a better, greener future. Good luck to all of the participating students in California and Minnesota!

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