Cal State L.A.’s Green Leadership Award

The CSULA team accepts its award

The CSULA team accepts its award

Cal State L.A.’s (CSULA) EcoCAR 2 team was honored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in Year Two with the Fifth Annual Green Leadership Award, which recognizes outstanding and innovative energy conservation and environmental efforts by the private and public sectors. The award was presented by Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas during a weekly board meeting in downtown Los Angeles.

“I was really excited when I saw the email notification come through,” said Abraham Vargas, business manager for the CSULA EcoCAR 2 team. “Our team has been doing a lot of work this year and many of the team members are really committed to making sure we succeed. We want our city to be aware of how sustainable technologies can improve their way of life, and working on getting Los Angeles invested in this technology can have a big impact.”

The CSULA EcoCAR 2 team aims to meet the competition goals while also educating middle school students and the public about sustainable technological advances in transportation. Team members, who represent the next generation of engineers, gain real world experience in the development of complex vehicle technologies.

“I am very proud that the CSULA team can hold its head high at this level, and compete among experienced competition teams. Many students on our team receive first-rate training from the competition and CSULA faculty, preparing them for the exciting world of advanced automotive development—those are the first rate jobs in California,” said Professor David Blekhman, the team’s faculty adviser.

Other recipients for this year’s Green Leadership Awards include Christina Kull Martens, Manager, Process Improvement, Northrop Grumman Corp. (chair category); Sony Pictures Entertainment – Sustainable Education and Outreach (business); Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission – Culver City Rainwater Harvesting Program (public agency); and Department of Public Works – Sustainable Pavement Treatment for County Roads (Los Angeles County).