Cal State L.A. EcoCAR 3 & SAE HEV in the City of Angels

BY: Melody Klingenfuss

The EcoCAR 3 Golden Eagles Cal State L.A. team has been busy! The team was able to get exclusive access to the annual SAE 2015 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Technologies Symposium in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, from February 10 to February 12, 2015. Manning a table and participating in such a vast event was not an easy task, but that motivated the team to work closer together and represent EcoCAR 3 with pride.

Bright and early on February 9, the team set out to prepare for the days ahead. Excitement built up as the individual team members quickly realized just how prestigious the SAE event truly was. Communications lead Carol Mamon explained, “We are focused on getting everything done on time. We know the vital details of events, but being there and actually going through all the motions in person gives you a whole new perspective and appreciation for all the events we do. It’s so surreal to have such a huge opportunity to interact with big names such as SAE, General Motors, and Chevrolet. It’s definitely a one of a kind experience.”

The next day, the team set out to work. With a wrapped Camaro, the team spoke to attendees about the competition and overall team progress in Year 1. Local and international companies were blown away by the quality of work accomplished in EcoCAR 3. The companies understood that the bright minds working at Cal State L.A. are the future of alternative vehicle technologies. The team hopes to serve in the next SAE HEV Symposium next year, reconnect with known contacts, and keep these connections in the loop on our road to success.

EcoCAR 3 Camaro on Display at the HEV Symposium