Car News Last Week: Electric Chevy Volt and Fisker-A123Systems Partnership

Chevy Volt on display at 2010 Detroit Auto Show

Last week at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, General Motors’ Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, announced that GM would make a 100% battery-electric version of the Chevy Volt by removing the gas engine and expanding the battery pack.

It is uncertain when it will happen, but exciting news nonetheless! It will be interesting to find out the vehicle’s electric range and estimated price.

What are your thoughts on GM’s idea of making a full-function electric vehicle?

Another big story that ties back to the EcoCAR program is Fisker Automotive choosing EcoCAR competition sponsor, A123Systems, as the battery supplier to power Fisker’s upcoming plug-in hybrid luxury vehicle, the Fisker Karma!

A123Systems was up against some hefty competition including, Advanced Lithium Power and Ener1 subsidiary EnerDel, so this was a big win for the company.

Production of the Karma is scheduled to begin this year, so keep your eye out for the cool car below!

The Fisker Karma