Check Out Autoblog’s Coverage of EcoCAR!

“A Chevy Camaro hybrid? That’s what EcoCAR3 could bring. GM, DOE Team Up for Round Three of Innovation Competition” reads the Autoblog headline written by Pete Bigelow. Below is an excerpt of the piece. Be sure to click here for: Full Autoblog coverage of EcoCAR 3

“Figuring out a way for a hybrid powertrain to co-exist with the performance expectations of a classic American muscle car is a challenge that could vex that most experienced of automotive engineers. It’s a challenge, in fact, being handed to a bunch of college students. Over the next four years, students from 16 North American colleges and universities will attempt to wring fuel efficiency from a 2016 Chevy Camaro as part of EcoCAR3, an advanced-vehicle technology competition sponsored by the Department of Energy, General Motors and others. They’ll be attempting to use hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology while not sacrificing the performance of the Camaro, which was selected in part because the current model achieves just 17 miles per gallon in city driving and 28 MPGs on the highway, per EPA numbers. Students will get the latest version of the vehicle to work on, one that is expected to be unveiled next month on Belle Isle in Detroit.” Read more here.