Methanol Marathon

Al Gore_1st Place

Each year, university teams compete in a variety of static and dynamic events that range from oral presentations to on-road vehicle testing to communications and business tactics. These static and dynamic events are judged by industry sponsors and professionals, both throughout the year and in-person at the year-end competition.

Below includes more detail about event awards and winners:


  • Conversion Design and Fabrication – Colorado State University
  • Oral Presentation – Colorado State University
  • Test Track Acceleration – Concordia University
  • Cold Start Driveability – Concordia University
  • Overall Fuel Economy – University of Tennessee
  • Rally Points – University of Maryland
  • 1st Place : University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2nd Place: Concordia University
  • 3rd Place: Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 4th Place: University of Maryland
  • 5th Place: Texas Tech University

1989 – 1990

  • 1st Place: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2nd Place: Texas Tech University
  • 3rd Place: Penn State University
  • 4th Place: Florida Institute of Technology
  • 5th Place: California State University, Northridge