CSU Sponsor Spotlight: Siemens PLM Software

EcoCAR 3 sponsors contribute to the education of students by donating products, providing training, and fostering a cooperative mentoring environment for teams.

Sustaining-level competition sponsor, Siemens PLM Software, is among one of the many vital sponsors that has contributed to the success of the CSU EcoCAR 3 team. Siemens PLM software is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

PLM software is a collection of tools that allow engineers to make decisions that are both efficient and cost effective with their design.  CSU EcoCAR 3’s composite team relied on Computer Aided Design (CAD), which is the use of computer programs to create two- or three-dimensional (2D or 3D) graphical representations of physical objects, to create a muffler that was 55% lighter than the stock muffler. CAD allowed the team to make 3D models of the muffler to help determine how to create an efficient muffler using lightweight carbon fiber material.

CSU_Sponsor-Spotlight-Siemens-PLM-Software_Image3The Siemens software allows the team to create designs in a fast and effective manner. Siemens provides more than just their software to the EcoCAR 3 competition, they also provide hands-on assistance that plays a key role in winter and fall workshops.


Earlier this year, Siemens PLM engineer, Marilyn Tomlin, even visited the CSU EcoCAR 3 team in the spring to ensure students were making the most out of CAD software.


Marilyn observed the team’s muffler, as well as other additional innovations developed by the composites team. She then received a tour of the Powerhouse Energy Campus and discussed the innovations of CSU’s EcoCAR 3 team with mechanics team member, Cody Knobel.


The use of Siemens tools has also became crucial for students in the classroom. Recent CSU engineering graduates presented their senior design projects to a panel of professors and judges, highlighting designs and analysis that required the use of PLM software.

CSU_Sponsor-Spotlight-Siemens-PLM-Software_Image9CSU_Sponsor-Spotlight-Siemens-PLM-Software_Image10Working with industry sponsors, such as Siemens, is of great benefit to the team as it allows each member to work with industry products and tools that would not be available to them otherwise. The CSU EcoCAR 3 team is gracious for the continued support from Siemens and look forward to continue this partnership as we enter Year 4.