CSULA EcoCAR 3 Introduces Clean Transportation to Local Students

Written By: Jennifer Bulnes

Recently the Cal State Los Angeles EcoCAR 3 team welcomed over 600 students to their campus. The CSULA EcoCAR 3 team organized six individual sessions that focused on encouraging STEM and higher education for 6th -9th graders while demonstrating real world experiences related to the team’s participation in EcoCAR 3.


Sessions hosted by the team included lab tours, where students had the opportunity of gaining a first look at the team’s progress in converting their 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.



During the garage tours, students learned about the different components and organizational structure that make up the CSULA EcoCAR 3 team.


Students also saw the team’s trophies and awards, and had a chance to look under the hood to see the team’s unique innovative approach at turning their Camaro into a hybrid electric vehicle. 

The CSULA team conducted workshops to demonstrate the aspects and challenges that any of the 16 universities might experience while participating in an Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. Similar to EcoCAR 3, the students worked in teams with other students to build a mini electric car or a mini solar powered car.

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All teams had the same amount of time to complete a specific project with the same instructions provided.


Workshops taught these 6-9th graders various lessons related to the CSULA EcoCAR 3 team’s day-to-day tasks.

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The team looks forward to meeting more future STEM leaders. STEM Learners Today, STEM Leaders Tomorrow.

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