CSULA is Geared Up with Snap-on

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Here at California State University of Los Angeles (CSULA) EcoCAR 3, we are proud to be sponsored by Snap-on in our work efforts within the EcoCAR3 competition.  We have received much support in our drive to accomplish our tasks and work throughout this competition. Snap-on has continued to demonstrate and provide, “the most valued productivity solutions in the world.” Time and time again, our team has received fine craftsmanship and quality within the products provided by Snap-on.

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Knowing that our team can work with confidence with great products boosts the desire and need to continue to strive for better and constructive results. In the beginning of the competition we were given a tool storage unit priced at $10,000. Since then, we have received a yearly $5,000 budget to purchase necessary tools. While our team works with our trusted sustaining-level sponsor, we know that in addition to providing our team with top quality tools, Snap-on also excels in customer satisfaction, meeting our expectations, and granting the option to voice our thoughts if necessary to further our endeavors in this competition.

Snap-on’s integrity continues to be demonstrated through their success and promotion of teamwork, high regard for individuality, and pursuit of innovation.

Ben Brenton, Snap-on Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer stated, “Snap-on is honored to be an ongoing partner in the EcoCAR competition!  We believe that utilizing our products will significantly improves each team’s ability to complete the project.  By providing Cal State LA with a wide range of hand tools, power tools, diagnostic tools and small shop equipment along with superior tool storage we hope team members will recognize the superior quality and innovation built into each product.  It is thrilling to see the progress made by Cal State LA in modifying their car, utilizing our tools to do so.”

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“The reliability of Snap-on products helps our team get the job done day in and day out,” says CSULA Mechanical Engineer lead, Manuel Castaneda. “Our team here at CSULA has continued to succeed competitive sponsorship with Snap-on. We know that our team can continue to rely on the quality and craftsmanship that encompasses Snap-on not only in their products, but also within their company. We can continue on knowing we have such a supporting us. Thank you!”