DENSO, Investing in the Future of Engineering Students

Written By: Alana Van Slovis 

The success of the  EcoCAR  Mobility Challenge is only possible with the contributions and support of our competition and team level sponsors. The Ohio State  University’s  EcoCAR  program would like to highlight and thank one of our competition-level sustaining sponsors, DENSO.  DENSO  is a leading supplier of advanced  automotive technology, systems, and components.  


The Ohio State  EcoCAR  team is reengineering and redesigning their donated 2019 Chevrolet Blazer into a vehicle of the future. OSU plans to improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency without sacrificing any of the vehicle’s performance. In addition, the team is implementing the technology for advanced driver assist features. While building  the  vehicle, there are over 30 components the team must integrate. With the help of our sponsors, the team selected and sourced the best components to help achieve their goals. DENSO has provided two of the critical parts that will be integrated into the OSU Blazer: a DENSO High Voltage Integrated Starter Generator and a DENSO ES34 Electric Compressor.  

The team intends to use the High Voltage Integrated Starter Generator to smoothly start the engine during Start/Stop events. The Electric Compressor will keep the vehicle’s air conditioning system working and the passengers comfortable.  

DENSO has gone above and beyond simply  donating components. Their engineers have supported the Ohio State team throughout the integration process by answering questions and providing engineering support for their donated hardware and software. With their help, the team has been able to successfully integrate and verify functionality of the DENSO components in the Blazer. 

According to Drew Darling, DENSO Compressor Engineer, it is crucial to be part of programs like EcoCAR Mobility Challenge and shaping the future.

“I think that it’s important for Denso to be involved in a competition like  EcoCAR, because of how fast the industry is changing from a mobility standpoint these days,” Darling said. “When I’m in the role of looking for new workforce and talent, to be a part of my team or DENSO, in general, I look for students that have experience like  EcoCAR;  it’s one thing to have the book smarts and classroom experience, but it’s a whole other thing to be able to implement those experiences.”   

DENSO has continued to demonstrate their commitment to this competition by supporting students at every step of the process while they rebuild their 2019 Chevrolet Blazers. OSU is extremely grateful for the time DENSO has invested in future engineering and the future of mobility. We are excited to continue working with the DENSO team through the rest of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge.