EcoCAR 2 Teams Present HIL and Trade Show Evaluations

EcoCAR students have wrapped up the first part of the 2012 EcoCAR Competition and are ready to head into the final stretch of presentations! Over the last few days, teams presented their Controller Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) and Trade Show Evaluations to industry and government sponsors.

The Controller HIL Evaluation focused on evaluating how well a team used its HIL test bench to develop and validate its supervisory controls. Teams presented their HIL simulation environment for emulating the intended vehicle and as a platform for developing and testing the control systems they plan to implement.

Teams also presented their Trade Show Evaluation, which is an interactive event designed to show how effective a team has been in executing the Year One deliverables of EcoCAR 2. Because the event is cross-disciplinary — including engineering, business, outreach and marketing content — communication among these subteams is crucial. The trade show event is aimed to give each team a chance to “sell” its progress in developing a vehicle in Year One to the judges.

Check out this video for more on Day 2 of Competition!