EcoCAR Demo Day at the Phoenix Raceway


The EcoCAR Demonstration Day sponsored by Magna has come and gone as a great success.

The event-filled day kicked off with 30 Middle Schoolers who came to the Phoenix Raceway to attend the EcoCAR Education Day. During Education Day, the students learned about EcoCAR, the participating teams, and electric vehicles. They were able to make their own EcoCAR breadboard vehicles while learning about Hybrid Electric (HEV) and fully Electric Vehicles (EV). The students then put their vehicles to the test and raced them on the Phoenix Raceway track!

The students then received a tour of the garages where they were able to learn about each EcoCAR team’s integrated Blazer. The students had the opportunity to vote on their “Fan Favorite,” based on the wrap design of each teams Blazer. According to the 7th and 8th grade students, Georgia Tech’s EcoCAR Blazer was crowned the “Fan Favorite.”

Armani Hrobowski, Advanced Mobility Education and Outreach Technical Specialist at Argonne National Laboratory, led the Education Day event and said, “The students we brought here today show a strong passion for learning. Giving these students the opportunity to race their very own “electric vehicles” at the Phoenix Raceway is an experience that they’ll remember for a long time and hopefully inspire them to get involved in STEM.”

Representatives from each of the Headline Sponsors gave attendees a warm welcome and even handed out a few awards to teams, which included honoring each of the 9 teams who completed the Over the Road Event from Yuma to Phoenix.

The day concluded with a ride and drive event where sponsors, media, university administrators, and even teams were invited to test drive every team’s Blazer on the Phoenix Raceway. Participants were able to experience all the vehicle features that teams have implemented over the last 4 years.


Thank you to all of the Demo Day attendees and to competition sponsor, Magna, for your sponsorship of the outstanding event!

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