The Colorado State University (CSU) Vehicle Innovation Team has continuously worked with AVTC’s since 1988 and has been successful in getting over 200 students to graduate from multiple departments. Colorado State University as a whole is a land-grant institution and a Carnegie Doctoral/Research University-Extensive established in 1870 and holds over 25,000 undergraduate and 7,000 graduate students. The university’s goal is to provide all students with a world-class education that encompasses interdisciplinary collaboration in order to solve extensive world problems.


Colorado State was a part of both the EcoCAR 2 and EcoCAR 3 competitions in order to embrace their mission as a world-class university, in which the EcoCAR competitions have done by providing students with an opportunity to lead the world in innovation and research within the transportation industry. CSU is one of the most sustainable universities in the nation, and continues to look for innovative solutions to problems that arise every day. CSU thus decided to continue with EcoCAR competitions in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, hoping to reach the same goals as before of creating innovative solutions to common world problems, and contributing to the mission statement of the university through sustainable action and construction. As in past EcoCAR competitions, the CSU Vehicle Innovation Team this year hopes to follow the same morality as last year, by defining a solution to sustainable problems without compromising the ideals and expectations of the US consumer.


Team Members

  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jason Quinn, Dr. Brett Windom, Dr. Thomas Bradley, & Dr. Sudeep Pasricha
  • Project Manager: Aaron Rabinowitz
  • Engineering Manager: Benjamin McKenney
  • Communications Manager: Rachel Taylor
  • PSI lead: Austin Dennis
  • PCM Lead: Derek Adelman & Aaron Rabinowitz
  • Systems Safety Lead Engineer: Derek Adelman


get involved

  • Community Members: To get involved with the CSU EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, come see us at our future outreach events and follow us on social media! We encourage all community members to attend these events and learn more about us and how we are innovating and educating for the future.
  • Instagram: @CSUEcoCARChallenge
  • Twitter: @CSUEcoCAR
  • Facebook: @CSUEcoCARChallenge
  • Website: http://www.csuvehicleinnovationteam.com

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430 North College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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