Team Description

The Georgia Tech EcoCAR Mobility Challenge Team is comprised of 40 engineers, ranging from Marketing/Supply Chain to Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Our engineers, along with 3specializing faculty advisors, are continuing with this ambitious mission to transform a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer into a next-generation, environmentally friendly, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) vehicle. This process will involve adaptations of some of the automotive industry’s current areas of innovation: hybridization, electrification, Vehicle-to-X Communication, and SAE level 2 automation. The implementation and development of these technologies aim to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, increase safety, and enhance the overall mobility experience. The Georgia Teach team is primarily student-led. We plan to contribute heavily to the next generation of automotive engineers as we grow our understanding and interact with youth. With a wealth of knowledge from our advisors, supporters, and experience from the previous EcoCAR 3 competition, our team aims to develop a strong culture of efficiency and competency in developing our students and our team’s automotive technologies.  

Year 4 Goals:

Vehicle is 99% production ready stage (PSI)

Compete in all dynamic events (PCM)

100% team member retention from fall to spring, not including graduation and internships.


get involved

We will begin recruiting new members in early spring!
    • Students must apply for a sub-team via our Wiki page and complete the VIP class application. Interested students can also always reach out to leads to express interest.
    • Teamwide meetings are held biweekly at the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.
    • Team meetings are held on Thursdays at 11 a.m. biweekly. Each team also has their own internal meeting schedule.

contact us


Student Competition Center Klaus Advanced Computing Building, room 1440
Atlanta, GA 30318

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