McMaster University is proud to be one of 11 North American universities participating in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge; North America’s premier collegiate automotive engineering competition. This four-year competition challenges teams to apply advanced propulsion systems, electrification, and vehicle connectivity to improve the energy efficiency of a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer – all while balancing factors such as emissions, safety, and consumer acceptability. The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR team allows students to gain the proper hands-on experience they need, which will help them succeed in the future.

 The team is actively engaged with student groups both on and off the McMaster University campus, and students range in age from elementary school, to their fellow classmates at McMaster. The team emphasizes the importance of collaboration and creativity in everything they do and are always sure to identify the environmental impacts of any project. The team also works with girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to help mentor them and promote the opportunities available to them through AVTC.

Over the past three years, the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR Team has been proudly making waves in the EcoCAR 4 competition, completing tasks and deliverables both creatively and in a timely fashion. Although this is the second AVTC the team has participated in, the experience gathered within the EcoCAR competition, has allowed the team to grow and excel at a tremendous rate. The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR Team is excited to be in Year 3 of the competition and will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and learning to their full extent.


What is the Team Looking Forward to in Year 3:

In Year 3 of competition, the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR Team expects their propulsion components to be fully integrated (properly mounted and wired) to enable dynamic testing on the Chevrolet Blazer. They will finalize subsystem mount designs, bench test critical propulsion components, integrate all components into the competition donated Blazer, and perform full vehicle testing under normal operating conditions. The PCM team is looking forward to finishing the implementation of their control strategy. As well as, developing a reliable, basic hybrid energy management strategy, that includes initial optimizations for energy consumption.


Team Members

Lead Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ali Emadi

Lead CAVs Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Lawford

Additional Faculty Advisors: Dr. Dan Centea, Dr. Alan Wassyng

Project Manager: Mavdeep Sidhu 

Engineering Manager: Shiva Ghasemi Dehkordi

Communications Manager: Arden Jacoby

PSI lead: Sam Thurston

PCM Lead:  Augustino Fella Pellegrino

CAVs Lead: Vincent Ombardi

Systems Safety Lead Engineer: Joel Haydyn

HMI/UX Lead: Aya Aboughanem


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The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR team recruits highly dedicated students looking to get the most out of their university experience. The EcoCAR Mobility Challenge is an interdisciplinary competition that requires successful teams to apply theories ranging from technical engineering-based curriculars to more creative communications, multimedia and marketing careers. The EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, challenges teams to incorporate all aspects of an industry-scale vehicle development program and we at the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR team, are constantly looking for multidisciplinary talent to ensure we can meet these expectations.

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