Team Description


The Ohio State University EcoCAR team is one of 12 teams competing in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. The team is made up of around 75 students, ranging from undergraduate freshmen to Ph.D. candidates. Students on the team have a diverse variety of majors, from mechanical and electrical engineering to business and communication. Ohio State's AVTC teams have placed in the top five teams of previous competitions for the past ten years. The team is housed at the Center for Automotive Research. Ohio State's Center for Automotive Research is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Engineering. Ohio State CAR research focuses on advanced electric propulsion and energy storage systems; advanced engines and alternative fuels for reduced fuel consumption and emissions; intelligent transportation and vehicular communication systems; autonomous vehicles; noise, vibrations, and dynamics; vehicle chassis systems; and vehicle and occupant safety. The Ohio State EcoCAR team's vision is to shatter the boundaries of sustainable automotive engineering while learning how to develop the most competition-ready vehicle. The team is currently in year three of the competition, hoping to achieve success in controls development and safety, ultimately wanting to meet the consumer’s wants and needs.


What is the team looking forward to in Year 3:


The team is looking forward to being back, working together to achieve the goals of the competition. Specifically the team is excited to have a functioning vehicle so that they can see the fruits of their labor, dedication, and countless hours at the Center for Automotive Research; and to have something that they can drive, test and refine to perfection. Lots of planning goes into developing the vehicle to meet the competition standards, so getting the competition Blazer on a track is going to be very rewarding.


Team Members

  • Lead Faculty Advisor: Shawn Midlam-Mohler
  • Lead CAVs Faculty Advisor: Dr Giorgiano Rizzoni
  • Project Manager: Colin Knight
  • Engineering Manager: Kerri Loyd
  • Communications Managers: Emily Smith
  • PSI Lead: Ron Smith & Kerri Loyd
  • PCM Lead: Hari Rangarajan
  • CAVs Lead: TJ Kirby
  • Systems Safety Lead Engineer: Colin Knight
  • HMI/UX Lead: Kirk Brauer


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