The Ohio State Year 4 EcoCAR team consists of nine hardworking team leads and many team members who make up the five sub-teams in our organization. The undergraduate population of our team makes up the majority of the sub-team members, while many of the team leads are in graduate school. Our team’s mission is to not only excel in the competition, but to also provide all of our members with hands-on experience that can be put to use both in the classroom and in the real world. In previous years, the Ohio State team has performed well in the EcoCAR Mobility Competitions. In Year 1 of the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC), Ohio State placed first overall. In Year 2, which occurred during the pandemic, our team placed first in many different categories, including Women in Engineering for Kristina Kuwabara, as well as for deliverables such as the execution plan, the impact report, and the HMI video. Last year, our team placed second overall, and received awards for Best CAVs presentation, Best Drive Quality Testing, and the US Department of Energy Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Engineering award. We are excited to continue to grow as a team this year and to return to the competition with great enthusiasm. Although our team has set many goals to accomplish this year, our top three priorities are achieving total job placement for both full-time and internships, increasing diversity and female involvement, and winning this year’s competition. We are continuing to improve our community outreach by connecting with students of all ages and many different schools in the Columbus area. We are also aiming to increase our involvement with other organizations at The Ohio State University.  

Year 4 Goals

  • Our team has important Year 4 goals that we are aiming to exceed while simultaneously focusing on exceling in the competition. The first goal we have set is to achieve 100% job placement for full-time jobs and seasonal internships. One way we are working to achieve this is by holding career-prep seminars, where we provide the opportunity for team members to get new headshots taken, their resume reviewed and edited, and help with navigating career-focused websites such as LinkedIn and Handshake. We have also been promoting and utilizing the career fairs held by EcoCAR.
  • The second goal we are actively working to achieve this year is increasing diversity and the number of women on the EcoCAR team. Our current team is made up of predominantly male students. Out of the ten team lead positions available, only two are held by women. As we continue to recruit undergraduate students for the team, we are focusing on empowering female STEM students to join male-dominated areas and challenge societal norms. We are also increasing diversity by reaching out to different Ohio State organizations and getting to know them better as a team.
  • Finally, a third and important goal to our team is that we win first place in the Year 4 competition. The Ohio State University’s EcoCAR team has always proven to be competitive in nature, and our current team is continuing to work very hard to bring home the overall first place trophy this year.


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