At The University of Alabama, our EcoCAR team is setting the standard for the future of the automotive industry.  Our mission is to prepare the next generation of engineers and business leaders to address the nation’s future energy and transportation challenges.

After a third-place finish in the EcoCAR 3 Year 4 competition, the team maintained its third-place position and came away with a total of seven awards for its efforts during Year 1 of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. Our Year 1 awards included first place in project management, best historical architecture research, the NSF Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award, the Women in STEM Award and top awards for our "Propulsion System Integration (PSI) Presentation," “Project Initialization Approval Presentation” and "Project Strategy and Risk Review Presentation."

By providing students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience while implementing the latest technology on a brand-new Chevrolet Blazer, the UA EcoCAR team is unlike any other student group on campus. With around 100 members, our diverse team attracts the best and brightest students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

UA EcoCAR places a high emphasis on undergraduate involvement and allows our members to engage with one another on a variety of multidisciplinary teams. After a year of designing energy-saving techniques and designs to apply to the Blazer, we are spending Year 2 implementing them and using our team's vast array of expertise to develop the most energy-efficient vehicle possible


Team members

  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Paul Puzinauskas, Dr. Hwan-Sik Yoon, Professor Mike Pope, Professor Mike Little, Dr. Brandon Dixon
  • Project Manager: Easton Davis
  • Engineering Manager: David Barnes
  • Communications Manager: Derek Hooper
  • PSI lead: Ryan McNealy
  • PCM lead: Hunter Bates
  • CAVs lead: Ashley Phan
  • Systems Safety Lead Engineer: Jordan Olson


get involved

If you're looking to get involved with UA EcoCAR, feel free to reach out using the contact information provided and be sure to follow us on Facebook (@UAEcoCARChallenge), Instagram (@uaecocar), Twitter (@UAEcoCAR) and LinkedIn (University of Alabama EcoCAR). With management positions available each year, we are always looking for members to add to our leadership team. Our biweekly meetings take place in SERC 1013 on the engineering campus – swing by and let us know you're interested!


contact us


401 7th Avenue Hardaway Hall, Rm 286
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

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