Mission statement

Our mission is to prepare the next generation of engineers and business leaders to address the nation’s future energy and transportation challenges. We hope to light a fire of curiosity in the next generation of automotive engineers through local outreach events.


History of the team

EcoCAR Mobility Challenge will be the second EcoCAR competition we have participated in. After placing third overall in the EcoCAR3 competition, The University of Alabama is more fired up than ever to take the reigns of this next competition.


Direction of the team

As The University of Alabama enters this new competition, we are gearing up to take this year head on and achieve our goals. We strive to inform as many people as we can on our mission, and encourage young students to pursue a career in STEM. The rewards of this organization are plentiful. For one, this competition places a high emphasis on undergraduate involvement and allows EcoCAR members to engage with students on a variety of multidisciplinary teams.


Team members

  • Faculty advisors: Dr. Paul Puzinauskas, Dr. Yoon, Professor Pope, Professor Henley, Dr. Brovont, Dr. Lemmon, Dr. Dixon
  • Project manager: Easton Davis
  • Engineering manager: David Barnes
  • Communications manager: Bri Roselius
  • PSI lead: Ryan McNealy
  • CSMS lead: Hunter Bates
  • CAVs lead: Ashley Phan


get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved with EcoCAR Mobility Challenge or would like to know more information on how you can help us achieve our goals, please email uaecocarmc@gmail.com


contact us


401 7th Avenue Hardaway Hall, Rm 286
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

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