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Team Description: As the future of transportation is changing, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, EcoCAR Mobility Challenge team seeks to engage in innovative engineering and applied research of safe, convenient and cost-effective mobility. Our team creates a forward-thinking workforce through multidisciplinary collaboration and a hands-on learning environment. Our vision is to transform the way our nation moves through energy-efficient, reliable mobility systems that meet the need of the next generation’s transportation challenges.   The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has participated in sixteen Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) since Argonne National Laboratory began collegiate AVTCs in 1989. UT's participation in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge embraces the advanced vehicle technology interests in mobility solutions, including automated vehicles and carsharing, that concern the North American economy.   Students participating in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge have the opportunity to design, integrate and refine advanced vehicle technology innovations while working with researchers, industry leaders and community organizers. Students engage in hands-on experiences to positively impact North American transportation systems throughout the four-year competition.   We welcome students from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, business, or communications to join the team. Those interested in joining our multidisciplinary EcoCAR Mobility Challenge team, please visit our contact page or email   Team Members:   Faculty Advisors
  1. David Irick: Lead Faculty Advisor
  2. David Smith: Controls Faculty Advisor
  3. Qj Hairong: CAVs ECE Faculty Advisor
  4. Subhadeep Chakraborty: CAVs ME Faculty Advisor
  5. Maureen Taylor: Communications Faculty Advisor
  6. Lynn Youngs: Project Management Faculty Advisor
  7. Scott Curran: Outreach Advisor
  Leadership Team
  1. Project Manager: Dean Blanks
  2. Engineering Manager: Zachariah Nelson
  3. Communications Manager: Whitney Brothers
  4. PSI Lead: Russell Graves
  5. CSMS Lead: Joseph Stockli
  6. CAVs Lead: Ramin Nabati
  7. Mechanical Lead: Dennis Owens


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