Team Description

The EcoCAR team at the University of Washington is proud to bring together students from across engineering, business, communications, and design to work towards a 4-year goal of advancing sustainable technology for everyone. As a Seattle institution innovation and sustainability is in our city and school’s DNA. One of our greatest resources as a team is our ability to access to the bevy of tech, engineering, and software companies like Amazon and Boeing, as well as competition sponsors such as General Motors. The UW team is striving to customize a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer, into an SAE level 2 autonomous vehicle, by implementing advanced propulsion systems, electrification, and vehicle connectivity. Our goal is to not only fulfill competition requirements but go above and beyond to enhance the riding experience for consumers and discover new innovation that will lead to a more sustainable industry. We, as a team, want to use the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge as an opportunity to not only challenge ourselves and our skill sets but also to change the world for the better by advancing accessible, sustainable and consumer-focused technology. 


Team Members

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Robert Bruce Darling, Prof. Brian Fabien  

Project Manager: Manny Mercado

Engineering Manager: Aman Kalia

Safety Systems Lead Engineer: Noah Lin

Communications Manager: Vera Drapers, Sabreena Lauzon   

PSI leads: Dylan Day, Livia Anderson, Trager Joswig-Jones

PCM Lead: Yudong Lin, Carlos Sama   

CAVs Lead: Mitchell Szeto, Yunyi Yang, Brandon Ray, Amir Mola

HMI & UI/UX Lead: Shane Martin, Avery Wolf, Alex Argyle



get involved

We are always looking for motivated and driven new members for the UW EcoCAR team! Since this is a 4 year project we are looking for both undergraduate and graduate students who want to stick with us through their time at UW.


If you would like to set up a time to see the lab and meet the team, outside of application periods, please email us at ecocar@uw.edu

contact us


4001 E Stevens Way NE
Seattle, WA, 98195

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