EcoCAR Youth STEM Education

Calling all educators! Do you want to bring EcoCAR to your classroom? Learn about the teams participating in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge by checking out our resources and youth activities for grades 6-12 below!

Review the EcoCAR Overview Video & the EcoCAR Swimlane PowerPoint presentation with your students, then have your students complete these fun and educational activities provided by the EcoCAR Teams!

EcoCAR Overview

EcoCAR Swimlanes

EcoCAR Technical Overview

EcoCAR Activities

Directions: The EcoCAR teams put together this book of fun puzzles and activities to give insight into each teams’ experiences. Enjoy being challenged with a EcoCAR Word Scramble, Sudoku puzzle, and more!

Directions: Members of the System Safety Sub-team are responsible for ensuring safety in vehicles and preventing potential injuries. This activity will allow students to think about and identify possible safety concerns and learn how to reduce the safety hazard.

Directions: Members of the Human Machine Interface / User Experience sub-team use research to understand the consumers before creating a prototype. One of the many research tools they may use is a survey to understand the wants and needs of consumers. Learn how to design your own survey!

Directions: After learning about the PSI swimlane, students will be introduced to the basics of heat transfer in a fluid in this experiment. The first part of the lab investigates what effect the type of fluid has on the rate of cooling a heated metal object. The second part then looks at the effect of having that fluid moving instead of sitting. Through this experiment, the students should start to get an idea of how the movement of fluids like air, water and oil is used to help keep an engine cool.




Learn More About the EcoCAR Teams:

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Georgia Tech

McMaster University

Mississippi State University

Ohio State University

University of Alabama

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

University of Washington

University of Waterloo

Virginia Tech

West Virginia University