EcoLOVE is in the Air!

EcoLOVE is in the air! AVTC Alumni Dana Bubonovich and Mark Cremasco tied the knot on February 12, 2021 in Novi, Michigan.

Dana was the Penn State University Outreach Coordinator during EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge and Mark was a member of the University of Waterloo team during EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge and held the position of Mechanical Lead in EcoCAR 2.

“When people realize that Mark is from Canada and I’m from Pittsburgh, the first question is always, ‘How did you two even meet?’ and let me tell you, it’s never a short story,” said Bubonovich. “We are forever grateful for the EcoCAR program because it’s ultimately what brought us together and that is something we will always cherish.”

Dana and Mark live in Novi, Michigan with their pup, Ellie. Dana is now the eCommerce Program Manager at DRiV, Inc. and was formally the AVTC Communications Specialist at Argonne National Laboratory. Mark works for headline sponsor General Motors as the Assistant Program Engineering Manager, Heavy Duty Pick-up.

We wish the lovebirds well on their journey together!