ERAU and Siemens Collaboration

Written by Marcus X Cabibbo

For the sponsor collaboration, Embry-Riddle had the pleasure of working with Siemens. Siemens is responsible for the creation and development of several engineering programs, including NX and Vesys, which are integral in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge.

ERAU EcoCAR worked closely with Chris Penny, of the Academic Student Competition Teams, and Kristine Tran of the University Relations and Recruitment team, to put on a virtual event. The purpose of which was two-fold; in the opening half-hour, Tran spoke to the Propulsion and System Integration team and the Propulsion & Computer Modelling team. Both spoke with the senior design class that explored the different career opportunities Siemens offers. As these students are graduating in the Spring or Fall semesters and have been exploring the different disciplines of engineering to launch their careers, this exposure was invaluable.

Tran discussed the in-house development program Siemens offers to its interns and newly graduated employees. The Siemens Strategic Student Program offers mentorship and professional development from industry professionals to their newer employees. This integrates new team members into the company by giving them the opportunity to learn from and network with established professionals who have built their careers at Siemens.

Following the recruitment presentation, Penny went in-depth on topics that were of value to ongoing NX projects in the EcoCAR challenge. Penny explored CAD conceptualization and assembly techniques, data migration and management features, and a number of other useful drafting methods that will be invaluable in designs moving forward.

“The collaboration between Siemens DISW and Embry-Riddle in areas such as the EcoCAR team, is important because these competitions prepare students with real world skills industry needs,” said Penny. He added, “Our academic program supports and enables the development of those skills through training, support, and software in addition to the provision of assets for career development.”

Embry-Riddle EcoCAR would like to thank Chris Penny and Kristine Tran, as well as the entirety of the Siemens group for their contribution to the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge and their generosity in spending their time with us. Siemens has been and remains a fundamental part of this advanced vehicle technology competition allowing students on the team to interact and work with industry grade programs.