ERAU Sponsor Spotlight: Snap-on Tools

Written by: Jessy Jaymes Law, ERAU Communications Manager

Since 1920, Snap-on has been an innovative world leader in the automotive repair industry. Inventing the idea of interchangeable socket wrench, Snap-on began a legacy of innovation in the professional tool industry.

Almost a century after its conception, the interchangeable socket wrench remains a staple in any professional’s tool box. Since then, Snap-on has expanded its operations to not only include tools, but also equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions. Now holding over 170 patents and operating in over 130 countries worldwide, Snap-on finds success through prioritizing safety, innovation, improvement, quality, and customer care.


At the Embry-Riddle Green Garage, Snap-on is a lifestyle. As a grateful beneficiary of Snap-on’s sponsorship to the EcoCAR competition, the EcoEagles rely on the quality design and durability of Snap-on’s tools and tool boxes.


Not only does Snap-on provide the EcoEagles with hardware donations, but they serve also as a mentor. Snap-on acknowledges the skill gap between the classroom and the industry and uses its money and resources to invest in “Upskilling” the workforce. Without Snap-on, the EcoEagles would likely not have access to the same professional grade tools that automotive industry professionals have access to. Even more importantly, Snap-on provides the mentoring needed to utilize those tools in a creative, constructive, and innovative way.