Five Fun Facts About The University of Alabama

Post written by Sammy Eastburn, University of Alabama Communications Team Member

The University of Alabama (UA), located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is known for its football, renowned facilities, impressive academia and tradition. The University of Alabama is one of two SEC schools selected to participate in the EcoCAR 3 competition. The university has many interesting facts that make its campus even more desirable for students, staff and prospective students.

  1. This year’s entering freshman class, at 6,856 students, is the largest and best qualified in UA history.
  2. Denny Chimes was first suggested to be a memorial to honor the university students who had given their lives in WWI, but the project was dropped due to funding.
  3. Denny Chimes was then built in 1929 in honor of President George Denny. During President Denny’s term, The University of Alabama gained national attention. Alabama limestone was used in addition to Virginia Bricks to honor George Denny’s native state.
  4. UA’s Bryant -Denny Stadium ranks among the nations top five on-campus football stadiums with a seating capacity of 101,821 after completion of the latest expansion in the summer of 2010.
  5. Roll Tide” was said to depict the Alabama team running on the field. It was believed that the team looked like the tide was rolling in, creating the phrase “Roll Tide.”

Alabama is known for its rich tradition and collegiate pride, making UA one of the most sought after universities. The University of Alabama creates a memorable college experience that is cherished by every student.