Georgia Tech EcoCAR 3 Team Collaborates with Snap-On

Snap-on has consistently been a valuable sponsor to the Georgia Tech EcoCAR 3 team. Our team entered the competition with little to no tools having not participated in the previous AVTC, but after receiving our initial tool donation, Snap-on went above and beyond as far as donating a vehicle lift for our garage. One of Snap-on’s representatives, Sam Bottum visited our facility on a shop night to meet the team and check out our progress. Through our conversations with Sam, we learned that the relationship between the EcoCAR 3 teams and Snap-on is mutually beneficial as they receive essential feedback on their tools and even potential employees from the program. Throughout the last two years, Snap-on’s donations have greatly increased our team’s chance for success, and as we use their tools daily.

In order to show Snap-on our appreciation, this video to highlight how essential their involvement is to our team: