Outreach opportunities

Public and youth outreach is a big part of AVTCs and communication students on each team work to educate the public on advanced vehicle technologies, alternative fuel, and petroleum reduction. AVTC teams become very involved with their community each year where they participate in community events, science fairs, club and organization events, and vehicle exhibitions. Members of the team have served on panels, judged science events, and participated in local vehicle education events, among others.

Research and engineering education innovations often come out of AVTCs, and students have presented papers and discussions on their team’s advancements at conferences, meetings and industry events around the world. For information on how an AVTC topic can fit into your event, email avtc@anl.gov.

Current AVTC teams are active with K-12 students in their local area by visiting schools, offering educational events on their campus, working with local youth organizations, and more. These dynamic activities expose elementary, middle, and high-school students to a project showcasing real world engineering practices. Students also learn about science, engineering, and college majors.To find more ways that AVTCs can benefit your organization, email avtc@anl.gov.