Hayes for Days

Written By: Gavin Gros

Stephen Hayes has held the role as the MSU EcoCAR 3 team’s Project Manager for both Year 1 and Year 2.  He has shown tremendous effort and enthusiasm over the course of his time serving his part in the program. With a positive spirit and work-focused attitude, he is as much of a friend to his teammates as he is a devoted manager. The MSU team would like to sincerely thank Stephen for all that he has done, along with all the time and energy he has invested in his work and in the team.


Whenever he has the chance, Stephen enjoys mountain biking with family/friends.  We are sure he has thoroughly enjoyed adventuring through Mississippi’s endless mountainous terrain each weekend!


Stephen also enjoys hiking/backpacking.  Give the man a nice long stick and a comfortable backpack and he is good to go for miles!


Snow skiing also happens to be one of Stephen’s favorite activities (I think we are seeing a trend here!). He even likes to test his videographer skills while simultaneously cruising down the mountainside.


Ever the outdoorsman, Stephen enjoys casting out and reeling in a big one. And by this we mean fishing, of course. A day by the water’s side is never a day lost!


Biking, hiking, water life…. He has to love running too, right?!


Stephen also enjoys racing go-carts against his friends.  Bravo on the ecoFRIENDLY go-cart, Stephen!


Who would Stephen be today without his right-hand man, Gibbs? The bond these two share truly transcends average love between man and animal. Awwww!


You can’t be in charge of a project like MSU EcoCAR 3 with being a spirited MSU fan. Stephen loves supporting his Dawg-family and rocking that maroon and white!


And of course, Stephen enjoys spending quality time with the ecoFAMILY he holds so dearly to his heart!


Last but most certainly not least, congratulations to Stephen Hayes and the MSU Project Management team for receiving 1st Place in the Project Management Category at the Year Two Competition!