HEVT’s WAVE Success

Earlier this fall, Virginia Tech Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) had the privilege to participate to travel to Milford MI to participate in the EcoCAR Workshop and Vehicle Event (WAVE). From October 10-14th, four of their most experienced team leaders took part in Vehicle Technical Inspections (VTI) and in-depth CAV training.

The team had spent the weeks prior working diligently to get their Chevrolet Blazer ready for the event. The preparation was all hands on deck!

With pre-inspections, both formal for the competition and informal for team preparation, it truly was a team effort with all team members getting ready for WAVE. The hard work paid off and WAVE was a great success!

According to HEVT Project Manager, Will Hom, the team was excited that their Blazer passed both the functional safety test and the vehicle functionality test, along with getting a conditional approval on an impressive 92% of the integration checks on the Blazer. 

“I am really proud of our team,” said Hom. “I’m proud of all of the hard work that every member of the team put into making sure that this WAVE was a success. This sets a high standard for the rest of our Year 4 events,” he added.

HEVT is looking forward to the rest of the series while aiming to keep their standard high, if not raising the bar even higher.

Check out all photos from the event here!