Local High School Reaches Out to Wayne State for Advice

This spring, the Grosse Pointe South High School Sun Devils Solar Car team met with Wayne State University’s EcoCAR 2 team. The EcoCAR 2 team offered advice on welding, aerodynamics, suspension and placement of solar panels for the high schoolers’ student-built solar car.

The Sun Devils will race in July from Fort Worth, Texas, to Los Angeles, Calif., totaling 1,400 miles, in the annual Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge. This is the school’s first year participating in the challenge.

The dune buggy-style car will run on solar panels and small lead acid batteries with a budget composed of cash in-kind donations from the community.  The team plans to begin building their car the first few weeks of summer.

The Sun Devils reached out to the Wayne State EcoCAR 2 team for advice and first hand knowledge about building and redesigning a car that isn’t solely dependent on petroleum.

Wayne State’s Hybrid Warriors were pleased to meet with the future engineering students and hope they continue working towards a clean future. Hopefully the Hybrid Warriors were able to convince the Sun Devils to attend a school with an EcoCAR 2 program.