MathWorks Sponsorship Inspires Penn State Innovation

Written by: Molly Jennings

As a participant in EcoCAR 3, one of the most important instruments for the Penn State EcoCAR 3 team in creating, designing, and coding for the vehicle is from the competition’s visionary sponsor, MathWorks.


Since its establishment, MathWorks has committed to its social mission by offering support for innovative programs, such as EcoCAR 3, that advance education while also supporting environmental sustainability. MathWorks has consistently provided each of the sixteen teams with the same vital software programs that are used in the modern automotive industry. From the first to the fourth year in EcoCAR 3, the Penn State team has used a variety of the sponsor’s software programs to model, compute, and simulate different aspects of the vehicle. Without the generosity and help from MathWorks, this wouldn’t have been possible.


Software programs, such as MATLAB and Simulink are crucial to the development of the vehicle, from the creation of key vehicle algorithms to the coding of the system’s safety measurements. Without these programs in place, our team would be unable to transform the 2016 Camaro into a high-performance alternative fuel hybrid vehicle. Thank you, MathWorks!