McMaster Hosts Sponsor Appreciation Dinner


On Thursday, November 30th the McMaster University EcoCAR 3 team held their annual McMaster EcoCAR 3 Team Sponsor Appreciation Dinner. Over 100 guests were in attendance for this event, including EcoCAR 3 competition-level sponsors, Snap-on and Siemens, student team members, faculty, university administrators, and local and provincial government officials.


This yearly event honors all key sponsors and stakeholders of the McMaster EcoCAR 3 team. The event began with a tour of the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC), followed by remarks from team Faculty Advisor Dr. Emadi, and keynote address from AVTC Director Kristen Wahl. The team also had the opportunity to update attendees on the current status of their Hybrid E28 Camaro and their ideas for innovation. In addition, the presentations from the students included an overview of the overall project, as well as presentations from the Mechanical, Electrical, Innovation, ADAS and Future Proposal sub teams.

According to Wahl, “This unique partnership between government, industry and academia is unprecedented. By working together, we can achieve far beyond what any one organization could achieve on its own.”


Wahl added, “This arrangement has given students access to components and systems that might otherwise be unavailable or too expensive for them to use. It is truly amazing to see what is possible when this many people and organizations come together to support a common mission.”

The McMaster EcoCAR3 team would like to thank all team supporters who attended the Annual McMaster EcoCAR 3 Team Sponsor Dinner.


As stated by Communications Manager Christian Braun, “We are honored and grateful to be part of the EcoCAR3 competition. With constant support from sponsors such as Siemens and Snap-on, we are able to implement our innovations in commercial vehicles and transportation.” Braun added, “Through collaboration, our team has been able to reach further, work smarter, and have a greater impact towards our communities. Thank you for everything and everyone supporting our cause and continued excellence.”

Photos from the event can be viewed below:

Dinner18-2 Dinner19 Dinner20 Dinner28 Dinner32 SnapOn_ADAS-Controls copy SnapOn_BLUE copy SnapOn_White copy Theo2 copy Theo6 copy Dinner Dinner1 Dinner3 Dinner9 Dinner14