McMaster’s Sponsor Spotlight: Snap-on Tools for Success

As one of the sustaining-level sponsors of the EcoCAR3 competition, Snap-on has provided sixteen teams with a broad range of professional tools to use throughout the competition. The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team considers the donated tools to be treasured objects, as Snap-on’s reputation for innovation and quality prove to hold their own in our shop. At the McMaster Automotive Research Centre (MARC), the team is consistently pursuing technological advances that are made possible with the power and precision of Snap-on.

Organization is one of the key components in the success and safety in a garage. In year one of the competition, Snap-on provided each team with customized toolboxes. These toolboxes allow our team to stay organized with our tools remaining in close proximity.

Recently, the McMaster EcoCAR3 Team held their annual Stakeholder Appreciation Banquet to honor those supporting team efforts in Hybrid automotive excellence. The team was elated to have Charlene Temeyer of Snap-on in attendance and the team provided her with a tour of the MARC facility. Charlene is constantly in close contact with the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team, providing support for our automotive needs and inquiries.


The support from Snap-on extends beyond their dedication to quality and customer service. Snap-on allows the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 team to reach further, work smarter, and strive for success within the automotive community. The professionalism of the staff and quality of their tools are attributed to their determination for excellence.  With Snap-on’s continuous support to the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC), they are providing industry experience alongside support in this cutting-edge educational project.

“The EcoCAR3 competition provides a holistic approach to collaboration within the automotive industry,” said Nicholas Chu, McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3’s Systems Safety Manager. “Snap-on provides the right tool for the job, every time. No matter what task the team is performing, from draining brake fluid to a full transmission overhaul, we are confident in the performance and reliability associated and proven with Snap-on.”

Check out some of our Snap-on tools in action below:

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